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Zoho Begin is the easiest crm out there. Heres an introduction

Engage Prospects
Every lead counts. Never miss out on engaging with your prospects. Get a 360-degree view of your contacts with every piece of information neatly arranged in one place. Connect with your business prospects through email, over the phone, Twitter, and web forms. Bigin makes communication easy.
Manage Pipeline
How many times have your sales reps ended up losing out on prospects due to poor pipeline visibility? Bigin's clutter-free pipeline management tools will help your team get complete control over your sales pipelines and ensure you stay on top of every deal that matters. Bigin gives you the option to tailor sales stages to fit your business process with a neat drag-and-drop interface for deal management, so you can perfect your sales process like never before.
Close Deals
Shorten your sales cycle by quickly moving deals through your pipeline. Bigin provides the necessary automation for small businesses to eliminate manual work from their sales process, and drastically cut down on the time they need to spend on each deal. With real-time notifications and dashboards to analyze sales numbers, Bigin helps businesses put less effort into managing data, and more on actual work so you can close more deals in less time.
Bigin helps you capture leads from your website through customizable webforms. Quickly create and embed webforms on your site, and start converting high intent website visitors into contacts.
Activity management
Maintain a clear overview of all your important activities, like tasks, calls, and events. Notify your teammates with a simple @mention, and work together to close more deals.
Say goodbye to repetitive manual work. With easy-to-create workflows, you can automate routine tasks and maximize your selling time. Create workflows that help you track deal updates, set up email alerts, and more.


ay goodbye to repetitive manual work. With easy-to-create workflows, you can automate routine tasks and maximize your selling time. Create workflows that help you track deal updates, set up email alerts, and more.


using Signals to communicate efficiently

Never let another opportunity fall through the cracks. Signals help you act quickly with real-time notifications and alerts for new incoming emails, missed calls, and other important updates from your prospects and customers.

using Signals to communicate efficiently


Choose from a list of pre-built dashboards or create your own dashboards instantly to track and measure all your essential metrics in one place. Analyze your sales performance and gain more clarity into your business anytime, anywhere.

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Zoho Begin gives you the easiest start

"Bigin is certainly a refreshing new CRM tailor-made for startups and small businesses. " Shyam Sundar Founder, GoFloaters
“It was a pleasure working with Bigin. This product is a boon especially in this lockdown period where it is difficult to do regular work and track progress. ” Sneha Headnext Education Services
"Easy to use, easy to implement, and accessible to the pocket is what Bigin stands for. " Harmodio Sales Director, Edusoft Learning
"Zoho Bigin was easy for us to use from the very start. Within a couple of weeks all users were able to use most features and benefit from them. " Chirag Selarka Head of Business Development, Perivan India Private Limited
"I have been looking for a CRM that was easy-to-learn and use for my sales team which was totally dependent on spreadsheets. " Ravi Sharma Founder, Webomaze
"I found Bigin suitable and extremely easy to learn and utilise." Anant Tikone Managing Director, Antech Microsystems

Price for starting Zoho Begin

Note, that it is free to start the free edition.
  • Free
  • Free
  • /user/month billed annually
  • Single User
  • 500 Records
  • Single Pipeline
  • 3 Workflows
  • 1 Web Form
  • Built-in Telephony
  • Zoho Desk Integration
  • Mobile Apps for iOS & Android
  • Get started
  • $7 per user
  • Everything in FREE EDITION+
  • 50,000 Records
  • Multiple Pipelines
  • 25 Workflows
  • 5 Web Forms
  • IMAP based Email
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Zoho CRM integration
  • G Suite, Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365), and Twitter Integration
  • Start 2 week free trial
Take a great tool and use it on your phone, in your office. Everywhere.
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Pipeline-centric CRM built and priced for small businesses

With Bigin, small businesses can now manage their customer relationships more easily than ever. Whether you're ready to move beyond spreadsheets or simply replace legacy sales tools, we are here to help you get started. Let's Bigin?

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User Stories
"We were so impressed by Bigin’s ‘perfect fit’ for small organizations and we have now consolidated all information about our clients and projects in Bigin. It's impressive to see that such an affordable product helps in managing duplication of records, customizing fields specific to our processes"
Luison Lassala

Luison Lassala General Manager, Bedrock Success Consulting

"I want to sincerely thank the entire Bigin Team for developing this excellent platform for SMBs who are quite keen on getting rid of excel datasheets. My primary requirement was exactly the same, and Bigin has offered so much more. "
Jared Doe

Dhruvesh Lakhani Founder & Director, Investacc Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

"I am super impressed with Bigin. I was looking for a simpler lead management and automation tool and I have finally arrived at the right platform after trying multiple tools in the last few years. It has completely transformed the sales process and I regularly recommend Bigin to my contacts."
Jack Doe

Vikas Kakkar Founder & CEO, HireXP

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