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Any business needs an email. You can live without. How about switching from Johndoe@gmail.com to one with your company name in like Johndoe@company.co.uk or which ever you like.

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Let me help you get on the internet. In the old days, one would have an add in the local paper, thats not how it works any more. WE ALL GOOGLE what we need. Thats a fact. But can you be found? thats the big one.

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Free Webshop

It's important with an webshop, how ever small you might be. And hey, now you have a domain name, let me help you set up the rest.

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Write me or call me, that is the first step to make anything happen.

Do not hesitate calling me to talk further about your options. it is easier than it sounds, and i will give you a very good price and help you get noticed out there.

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Your marketing options on social media is endless and can be difficult to figure out how and when to use. But are you putting adds in the newspaper, which costs you it is more well spend online

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Joomla have been one of the worlds leading content management systems for years, which uses the MYPHP as a database. It will give you any kind of website you need and it is easy to edit and create new content.


Basically Wordpress was meant to be a blogging tool. Then after many years of people blogging, they needed the ability to nest content more and more, just as you do in a website. It is a product, where simplicity is in focus and with that it actually have a lot of good in it, also when thinking of the Mobile first strategy, which is the leading way of thinking websites nowadays.


Umbraco is also danish originally, world renowned and acknowledged for being a great and secure tool for content management.

DotNet Nuke

Microsoft has their own content management system, named DotNet nuke, which use the msphp as a database tool. Which gives you the ability to "talk" to Microsoft servers directly and thereby give you live data, if needed be.


Sitecore er et dansk produkt, som henover årerne er blevet opensource og ligeledes med mange gode referencer. Anvendt blandt mange offentlige som private virksomheder, og med en fantastisk integration til alskens software.

We want happy costumers and to keep them! Everything that we do for our costumers, it is yours. We do not use long term (years) commitment or contracts. If you purchase a website from us, it is yours. We get paid to help you on the assignment, but you keep it afterwards.

Hosting basic, full package & reliable

This is NO-BULLSHIT hosting. It is pay-as-you-go and no longterm commitment. And to top it up, here is everything you need. And then its cheap.

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